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TMR monitoring cloud system

release time:2021-12-13     


The TMR monitoring cloud system (patent number: ZL201210069930.3) is an intelligent monitoring system for real-time guidance and recording of the complete feeding process of the dairy cow TMR mixer truck ingredients and feeding.

      The TMR monitoring cloud system can record the type and weight information of the feed loaded by the TMR truck in real time, and can record the feed amount information of the TMR truck in each barn in real time, so as to facilitate the analysis of the actual feed intake changes of each herd to guide and supervise the dairy cows. The feeding process realizes the precision of dairy cow feeding.

      With the help of advanced technology, the TMR feeding monitoring system strengthens the supervision of the entire TMR feeding process. On the one hand, it effectively controls the accuracy of feed loading and unloading, and avoids over loading, missing loading, and wrong loading of feed due to human factors, thereby reducing breeding cost. On the other hand, it ensures the nutritional ratio and amount of dairy cow meals, and improves the milk volume and milk quality by improving the dairy cow's meals.


 work process   

       The TMR monitoring cloud system is composed of a system controller, a forklift display, an LED display, and an intelligent cloud platform. The system controller is installed on the TMR vehicle to measure and warn the feed weight on the TMR vehicle in real time, and pass the feeding result in time. Upload to the cloud platform online. The forklift monitor is installed on the forklift, and performs data interaction with the system controller through wireless communication technology, and performs real-time synchronization with the system controller.