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MRS Cow Production Cloud System

release time:2021-12-01     


The MRS dairy cow cloud production measurement system measures and records the milk production, milk temperature and milk conductivity of each cow in real time, and draws the milk cow’s milking curve, conductivity curve, and body temperature curve based on this, and then analyzes the milk production performance of the cows. The system of physical health.

      The system distinguishes high-yielding cows from low-yielding cows by measuring the milk production of each cow, and feeds them in groups, and gives different nutrients according to the milk production. In this way, not only can the positive balance caused by the feeding nutrient level higher than the milk production need be avoided, but also the negative balance caused by the feeding nutrient level lower than the milk production need.

Hardware composition?

    The MRS dairy cow production cloud system is composed of MRS controller, MRS router, MRS flow meter, MRS reader and RFID identifier.


※ MRS controllerIt can accurately collect key data such as milk production, conductivity, milking time, and finely set parameters such as pulsation frequency, massage time, and automatic cup removal time to accurately control the entire milking process;

※ MRS routerUpload the data of the MRS controller on each milk position to the cloud in real time, and the user can check the milking status in real time;

※ MRS flowmeterIt can measure milk production in real time and upload the data to the MRS controller;

※ MRS readerAccurately identify the cattle number of the Shangting cattle through the electronic ear tags worn on the Shangting cattle.