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5G technology allows cows to eat more delicately

release time:2021-04-14     


The "TMR Monitoring Cloud System" installed on the feeding cart of the ranch.

"Relying on Huawei's 5G technology, our'smart animal husbandry cloud system' has successfully opened up the international market." On April 22, Chen Hua, chairman of Yinchuan Auto Information Technology Co., Ltd., showed reporters how to use the back-end system to treat cows thousands of miles away. The "Little Shepherd Boy Cow Heat Monitoring System" of the breeding farm performs automatic diagnosis and remote control, and the health monitoring of the cattle is accurate to the individual.

"Before 5G went live, in a pasture with more than 10,000 cattle, our cloud system had to build many base stations, and the signal was also weak. With Huawei's 5G technology, there is no need to build base stations or go to the ranch for field testing. Most of the technology Problems can be solved remotely." Chen Hua said that 5G technology has laid the foundation for Auto Group to gain a firm foothold in the international market.

Yinchuan Auto Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise based on intelligent recognition and perception technology, Internet of Things technology, and big data technology research and development. It cooperates with Huawei and China Telecom, and adopts NB-IoT communication technology jointly developed by relying on 5G technology. The Internet of Things series products have effectively improved the reproductive efficiency and health of dairy cows.

Take the “Little Shepherd Boy Cow’s Heat Monitoring System” as an example. According to statistics from a number of farms, the system can increase the estrus exposure rate of cows to more than 90%, and the number of empty days can be reduced to 115 days per cow. Each lactation period saves 2100 yuan.

   Precisely because of this core competitiveness, the intelligent animal husbandry cloud system series products launched by Auto, in cooperation with Huawei and China Telecom, are widely popular in the domestic and international markets.

As early as a few years ago, Auto has keenly seen the development and application prospects of 5G, and used this as a forward-looking guide to develop smart animal husbandry cloud systems. In the process of Huawei's promotion and rollout of 5G networks, it has cooperated with China Telecom and Auto. The cooperation has combined 5G technology and big data technology to serve smart pastures, effectively solving the pain points of many large pastures.

"For example, the'TMR Monitoring Cloud System' that we are currently promoting is an intelligent monitoring system that guides and records the entire process of dairy cow TMR mixer ingredients and feeding. It makes good use of Huawei's 5G technology and has a long communication distance. , The anti-interference ability is strong, and it has effectively realized the precision and intelligence of dairy cow feeding." Chen Hua introduced.

According to reports, at present, many dairy farms in China have been using traditional empirical methods to adjust forages. The nutritional content of dairy cows’ forages can only rely on third-party data. This traditional artificial method is both complicated and inefficient. Accuracy is a major problem in the industry.

Aiming at the pain points of the industry, Auto shares used the advantages of big data technology and relied on Huawei's 5G technology platform to successfully develop the "TMR Monitoring Cloud System". As long as a 5G terminal equipment of Auto shares is installed on the feeding cart of the ranch, you can enjoy it. The reasonable feed formula provided by the professional dairy cow research institute, the connected intelligent sensor guides and records the feeding data in real time and sends it back to the cloud platform in real time. The backstage compares the data and automatically evaluates the cows accurately, analyzes the rationality of the cow feeding, so that a feed formula with rich and reasonable nutrients can benefit every cow, realizes precise and intelligent feeding, and solves the problem from the source. The nutritional problems of the pastures not only increase the efficiency of the farm’s staff reduction, but also effectively protect the milk quality and escort food safety.

"5G networks are fast and cover a wide range. 5G smart devices can communicate smoothly with a signal strength of minus 137 decibels. For example, water meters and electricity meters can maintain sensitivity to the greatest extent possible even if they are installed in obstructed places with weak 4G signals. The operating efficiency of the equipment." Chen Hua said.

   The 5G era has brought a broader development space to Smart Ranch, and it has also brought a good development opportunity to Auto. The company's 5G system-based MRS dairy cow production measurement cloud system, TMR feeding monitoring cloud system, environmental monitoring cloud system, cow weighing and hoof disease detection cloud system, etc. have shown excellent performance in the actual application process. The cattle's nutrition, health, environment, automated feeding, pasture management, etc. are fully monitored. The products are sold in 23 countries and are very popular.

"The development and application of 5G in smart animal husbandry not only solves the pain points of traditional industries, effectively improves the economic benefits of the animal husbandry industry, but also provides a benchmark for the establishment of modern production and operation and the promotion of modern animal husbandry to informatization and intelligent development." Chen Hua Say.